Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Last Blog

Today, all of our pieces for our game have came in the mail. We are sorting through everything and making a checklist to make sure that we have everything complete for the final day. Our cards are complete, however, we still need to print them out. Since laminating each and every card would be too expensive, we have decided to print out cards on the thicker pieces of computer paper so that the cards are relatively thick. Each person in our group has been assigned a task for today, because we still have to complete the website, finish the rule sheet, design our box and a couple of other things. Whatever we do not finish in class we are going to finish over the next week out of class.

Blog for 4/14

Due to the fact that last week we were working on our cards in photoshop the whole time, I was unable to post a blog last week. However, during the class period, Alex and I worked on our cards in photoshop for the class period. We needed to adjust many settings in order to eventually figure out how to make each card for each category identical. So, for movies, the back of each card in that category is the same and the front is a different design but the same for every card in that category. Nikki and Dhara finished the design for our board and are looking on the internet to finalize what we are going to order for our supplies.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

During today's class period, our group worked hard but everything was very hectic. We could not figure out a way to multiply our document that had our playing cards on photoshop. Due to the multiple layers created last week on the photoshop document, we were unable to copy and paste the document containing 6 playing cards in it. Our original plan was to copy and paste the original document to a new file, then just change the title on the top of the card so that each category card has the same rules on each card, with different titles (the different titles that the other player will be guessing). After a long process of trial and error, we have figured out a way to make the cards on photoshop using an old template file we had saved. We are going to continue to work on developing a way to make our playing cards in the most efficient and time saving way. On the other hand, our game board is coming along well and we have almost completed the whole board on photoshop.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Today, we finalized our ideas that are going to be on each card, so that by next class, we can have our game cards all written out. We decided to change our idea from the first class. Instead of actually writing out the clues on each card, there will just be a description of what the player can say for that amount of points. So, for 1 point, they can give any clue they want. This provides the leisure that if a player doesn't know the movie, song, artist, or actor, they can still receive a point for the card easily. For 3 points, under a movie category, they can ONLY give actors, and for 5 points, they can ONLY give quotes. Actors and quotes WILL NOT be provided, that is where the player is to actually think of what actors and quotes are in the movie and give the clues they wish. So, for example, they can give however many actors they want that are in that movie. For lyrics, the order will go: 1 point: any clue; 3 points, saying lyrics; 5 points, hum the tune. Artists and actors cards will be similar to these layouts.

Our group also discussed what game pieces we were going to order. We searched the internet for spinners, boards, and other pieces that we found to be essential to our game. Also, we discussed what type of game board we are going to use. At first, we wanted to use a circular game board with multiple rings. After collaborating and figuring out what would work best, we found a square game board, with larger inner squares, instead of a circular board. After talking together about how long each turn will take, we decided that we need about 75 cards of each category. We also decided on a rule that if a player guesses the card correctly, they can keep going until the timer is up. By the next class, we hope to have most of our pieces and board, and most of our cards written out.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

First Day

First Day of Work
During our first day of work, we started to generate ideas about how to bring together all of the aspects of the game. Our game is a guessing game, where players team-up to guess movies, songs, singers, and actors. On the back of each card there are clues that have points attached for each clue, the easier the clues, the less points your team will receive. We drew out an example board that is in the shape of a circle, where there is an inner circle that players can enter to receive bonus points based on their roll of the die. All of our group members collaborated to come up with different ideas and aspects to insert into the game. Each members idea was heard and we all discussed what we thought was the best choice as to what to put on the back of each of the cards, how to create the board, and what types of clues would be easy, medium, and hard. Overall, we accomplished the basic features of the game and started discussing possible movies, actors, singers, and songs to put on the cards.